OMIDI MACHINES CO was stablished in 1990 by managment of Farhad J.Omidi & Commenced operation actively with food processing Machinery Manufacturing:

Full Automatic Combined Line for Producing Cake & Center Filled Cookies

Full Automatic Combined Line for Producing Cake and Center Filled Cookies:
OMIDI Co has designed and manufactured a new multi functional system which is capable of producing a wide range of Cookie, Cupcakes(marbel cakes),Cupcake with filling, furthermore the new system is able to produce Tartlet with fruit marmalade filling.
This line is operated by Connecting to tunnel Oven, as an automatic line or using rotary oven as a Semi automatic line.

Dimension 900 x 100 x 160 cm
Output 2000-3000 Pcs/h (depends on number of rotary ovens for semi
automatic line & in full automatic line it depends on the length of tunnel oven).